European Adventure: Stop #2

8 Aug

Trip countdown: 24 days! That means my new passport has 23 days to get here… I’m only *slightly* nervous about that šŸ™‚

So. After we leave Barcelona stuffed full of tapas, wine and the Catalonian version of birthday cake, our next destination is Cinque Terre, Italy! We hop on a little puddle jumper plane and fly to Pisa (home of the leaning tower), then catch a train out to Cinque Terre (cars are a no-no, not that we would drive anyway). Cinque Terre, pronounced chink-wa tear-ah, translates into “the five lands.” It’s a rugged area along the Italian Riviera made up 5 small villages, with much of the development built right into the bluff. There is a trail that connects all of the villages, so most people hike between them. We’ve been warned that some segments are easy peasy but others contain upwards of 400 steps (gotta earn that pasta!). We’re staying in the village of Corniglia – as you can see from the little map, it’s smack in the middle of all of the cities.

We will be here only one night, so the walks will be brisk, but it was a must-do according to all of our friends and family who have been.

In preparation for our trip, we’ve purchased our “packs” – basically large duffel bags with backpack straps. I’m really unsure about packing everything into this ONE bag, but I’m sure going to try (WHAT am I going to do with all my shoes!?)! What sold us was that we can carry them on the plane – one less thing to deal with!


One Response to “European Adventure: Stop #2”

  1. Mama August 8, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

    Wow, sounds like the trip itinerary is coming together nicely! Corniglia is a very cute town; can’t remember if that’s the one that sits off the water, but either way, it’ll be spectacular! Love the packs – they look like our Rick Steves bags. I recommend you buy assorted sizes of those space bags—like zip-lock bags. They work like a charm and you can fit more stuff in (like walking shoes) them.
    ttfn. love the updates. keep ’em coming!

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