To Europe we go!

27 Jul

It’s official. Team Drennen is packing our bags and crossing the pond for 9 days of adventures, split between Spain and Italy. This will be my second overseas trip, but the first for Tom and I think I’m just as excited for him to have the experience as I am for us to go.

We depart September 1, which means I’ll ring in my 25th 29th birthday in Barcelona on the 2nd and I can’t imagine a better place to be! (I’m already having anxiety about turning 2-9, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.) All I can think about is the massive amounts of amazing, authentic food & wine I’ll consume. Nom nom nom. Also, this means that baby girl Philpot needs to make her grand entrance either a week early or a week late, so that I can drool over pictures/squeal in her momma’s ear on American soil (I’m assuming that she’ll take after her mother and she’ll be VERY late 😉 ).

We are flying into Barcelona and out of Rome, with a puddle jump to get us from one country to the other. We’d love to take a train to see more sights, but because of our lack of vacation time, we can’t afford to lose a whole day to travel.

Stop #1 on our trip is Barcelona. To get smart on the city, we downloaded an interactive iPad app with maps/hotel suggestions/areas to avoid/things not to miss, etc, and have been learning all we can about the city. I was slightly bummed to discover that they don’t actually speak Espanol in Barcelona, but they speak Catalan. We were finally looking forward to using our Spanish 101 skillz (lapiz, bano, bibliotecca, hola, muy bien) but they will have to wait.

A friend of a friend went to Spain on her honeymoon last year and put together a very thorough spreadsheet during their planning to detail where they were staying, costs, other travelers’ reviews, etc among other details. (Sidenote: I have a great appreciation for spreadsheets, but this topped everything I’d ever seen. Ever.) We were passed said wondrous document and are staying in one of her “recommended” hotels: The Praktik Hotel, in the heart of downtown.

Now I just have to change the name on my passport….

Next stop: Cinque Terre, Italy!


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