Wait, that’s what!?

1 Jul

I always thought I had a sweet tooth. And then I met my husband, and discovered that my sweet tooth pales in comparison to his. So as you can imagine, we always have some kind of sweet treat on hand for nightly consumption. And with it finally being summer, we’ve been buying ice cream. Lots of it.

The only problem with ice cream is that eating it every night is reeeally bad (well, it’s really good…but ultimately it’s really bad). So in an effort to save both our teeth and our waistlines, I went hunting for a more healthful option.

And I found it! Only warning is that you have to like bananas…

Banana “Ice Cream”
2-4 bananas, just ripe (1 person = 1-1.5 bananas)
Parchment paper lined cookie sheet
Food processor
Optional toppings (or mix-ins): choc chips, peanut butter chips, peanut butter chips, graham crackers

1. Slice bananas into .5-1 in slices
2. Place sliced bananas on cookie sheet
3. Place cookie sheet (uncovered) in freezer for at least 3 hours
4. Once thoroughly frozen, place banana slices into food processor for ~2 minutes
5. Add any toppings (totally optional)
6. Voila!

The consistency of what you will get is so much like ice cream it’s scary… and all it is is BANANAS! See picture proof (bad picture quality – sorry):

In my mini food processor, I did 2 batches

I added choc & pb chips

Ice cream! (sorta)

When I brought Tom a bowl, he loved it. He actually said that he could easily trade his nightly ice cream for this! We’ll have to experiment with different mix-ins, but this was a great start. Highly, highly recommend for a low-cal summertime treat!


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