Shark Week

31 May

“Our anniversary is like shark week! We can celebrate it all week!” – Tom

And celebrate we did!  On Friday, we went up to Madison, WI for the long weekend and stayed in a freaking sweet B&B called Mansion Hill Inn right downtown. It is exactly what the name says: a mansion, on a hill. We had no idea, but Madison is a huge cycling town. Richard Burke, owner & founder of Trek bicycles owns the Inn (which explains the mondo-sized portrait of him hanging on the wall). And a little fun fact for you: 80% of domestically sold bicycles are made in/just outside of Madison, since both Trek and Schwinn are HQ’d there. (Don’t you wish you had me on your trivia team??) Cheese totally steals the Wisconsin spotlight!

We had never been to Madison, but had been wanting to go for a while. Pretty much as soon as I moved to Chicago, I kept hearing about what a cool town it was, and how great of a weekend getaway it was at only 2.5 hours away. Now, I know what the hype is about… I LOVE it there. It reminded me a lot of Ann Arbor, Boulder & San Fran all mixed together. Very walkable, college town, on the water, pretty, artsy, lots of city pride and amazing restaurants. And the farmers market….oooh the farmers market. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before!

On Friday night, we were sitting on our balcony looking at events happening over the weekend and saw that our good friend’s band happened to be playing at Brat Fest the next morning. Sooo random, but such a fun surprise! So we went and watched them the next morning, and then met up with them for an after dinner drink that night. We spent that afternoon tooling around on our Trek bikes (of course) and exploring Madison.

One of the best moments of the weekend was when Tom surprised me with our wedding cake! He managed to sneak it out of the freezer where it’s been living for the past year and into his bag where it thawed out for 24 hours. You can imagine my surprise when I came out of the bathroom and found him sitting with two forks and a huge grin, holding a pile of cake & frosting. And you know what? It was still GOOD! Not as good as it was last year, but our storage method worked! (Take note, brides!)

The weather was extra craptastic by Sunday, as I’m sure it was a lot of places, so after brunch we decided to ditch our plans of going to New Glarus (cool neighboring Swiss-inspired town with a well-known brewery) and head home, making a pit stop at the outlet mall. After doing some damage at the Pepperidge Farm store (see pic below!) we were on our way.

About 30 miles from home, we decided to make another pit stop and see Hangover 2. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although not as much as the first one. I think Bradley Cooper is the only person I know who gets better looking the sweatier he is.

We capped off the weekend with a BBQ up at the Kelley’s last night, in 95 degree heat. Perfect.

Here are a few pics from the weekend:

In front of the Inn

The only brat he had this weekend

Favorite sign. "Violators subject to karma."

about to eat my very first cheese curd. (aack!)

In Pepperidge Farm heaven... 7/$10

It’s been an amazing year, filled with lots of laughter, lots of learning, not much fighting and more love that I thought was possible. Year two promises more fun, big decisions and even bigger adventures, and I say bring it on!!


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