Gator Time

2 May

This year for Easter, we decided to shake things up and go South to see my brother in FL. After a long and blustery winter, it felt ah-mazing to be in the sun and relax by the beach & pool. Mom & Mark came too, and we had a blast!

We flew into Orlando, met up with Mom & Mark and rented a car to make the drive to Gainesville. From there, our 4 days flew by! We lounged by the pool, ate, ate, ate, went to the beach, drank, ate, walked around, lounged by the pool, read, and ate again. My kind of vacation!

We spent one day in St Augustine, which was a really cool town. It was founded by the Spanish in the 1500s, so all of the architecture in the downtown area is Spanish-influenced. We spent the morning at the beach, ate lunch at a little beach-side watering hole, and then went into town. We walked through Flagler College (small liberal arts school – I think), which was beautiful. Then we walked around downtown, and ended the day at an amazing tapas restaurant.

Here are a few pics from the trip!

1 of 2 gators we saw!

we may have snuck onto the UF football field 🙂

my favorite brother, who lives too far away 😦

hilarious photo bomb by dan

i married such a stud!

Loved spending QT with the fam, especially because we were able to get outside play! It’s always hard to say goodbye, but reunions like these continue to reinforce the importance of family in our lives, especially as we think about the next city we will call home. While we dream about a much milder climate year-round, proximity to family is #1. So… everybody move to North Carolina! We’ll give you grandbabies! Seriously.

Next family adventure: Mother’s Day with Mom & Dad D! Can’t wait!


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