Back to Basics

9 Apr

Given the trips we’ve got coming up this month (!!), we recently took a survey of our footwear and decided that neither of us actually have great walking shoes. So today, after a lazy start to our Saturday (baking muffins & watching the movie Due Date), we decided to take advantage of the first Spring-like day we’ve had and go walking to look for walking shoes. I recently became obsessed with finding some flashy Nike Free’s, but because I was too shy to pull the trigger a month ago, I’m out of luck because they have updated the design and they are now butt-ugly.

What we ended up getting are Merrell’s version of the “barefoot” shoe. The more mainstream “barefoot” shoes you’ve probably seen are the Vibram FiveFingers (which are SO weird looking, and are EVERYWHERE here!) These Merrell’s are the first of their kind to not have the individual toes separated. They are not as flashy as I was hoping for, but they are so comfortable and they are supposed to activate muscles in your feet & legs that you don’t use much. They have the Vibram sole, which is great for shock-absorbing, so it’s not quite like being barefoot.

Here’s what they look like:

They are so light! It really feels like you don’t have shoes on. We wore them out of the store because we were so excited about them, but the sales people told us to take it easy with them at first. They said we’d probably be sore after wearing them the first few times because even though we walk a lot, our muscles aren’t used to having to work!


As I’m writing this, I can just hear my father-in-law saying “ha! you got dupped! you paid money to walk barefoot!”… I guess we’ll see how they work!


One Response to “Back to Basics”

  1. blu-j April 10, 2011 at 5:10 pm #

    yep there is always someone trying to separate u from your $.but if u really want them then enjoy them.wouldnt u rather trade em in for a new fishing pole or some buck lure? or a cupcake franchise!!!!!!! pa2

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