Save Her Date (Well, don’t)

31 Mar

One of my favorite people is getting married! You’ve probably heard me talk about her, or maybe you saw her in her sassy red dress at my wedding.

Kelly & I met at Upshot, and within hours of our first interaction, we were pretty much connected at the hip from 9-6 Monday-Friday. She was my sounding board for practically every decision I made about my wedding (and everything else in my life), and never complained ONE time.

When Kelly got engaged over Christmas and called to tell me, I cried. Then promptly announced to my whole family that “Kelly is getting married!!” Fast forward a few months and she starts designing her Save the Dates. She gave me a sneak preview and I LOVED them! Their story is so cute, and she has captured it so perfectly. I enjoy them so much in fact, that I want you to enjoy them too.

I just LOVE the different typefaces, the unusual size, the colors and the cute return address label! GOOD JOB Kel! Can’t wait for September!


One Response to “Save Her Date (Well, don’t)”

  1. Kelly April 5, 2011 at 4:09 pm #

    It’s no Team Patty Melt design, but it’ll do. Thanks for making me blush!!! 🙂

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