D-I-Y… More like D-I-M

30 Mar

I found something I want to make. But I’m not calling it a “do it yourself” project, I’m calling it “do it myself” project. I think it sounds more empowering.  They are probably one in the same, but not to me!

Back in December, I took a trip down to Nashville to see my girl Mandi. In true Mandi-Lauren fashion, we did some shopping. One day, we went down to this cute area of town near the Vanderbilt campus to shop some local boutiques and I found the cutest piece of art. It would look PERFECT in our “rustic-chic” Pottery Barn dream house that will someday be a reality. Someday.

I stood in the store looking at this thing, and all I could think was I COULD MAKE THAT. FOR $10. And here it was, on sale for $200. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!! Are you kidding me!? It’s a wood frame, around a piece of painted fiberboard, with red letters stenciled on. $10, easy.

So, this is project #1 for the summer. Hopefully it’s as easy as I’m thinking it will be!


One Response to “D-I-Y… More like D-I-M”

  1. Kelly April 4, 2011 at 10:26 am #

    This reminds me of that “You have my whole heart for my whole life” thing that I put on 9-oh-6 forever ago! Finally got myself a square canvas this weekend so I can try it out for something like $12 instead of the $300 for the original.

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