Room With a View

29 Mar

Monday marked the first day that my company was in our new office space. It was a very exciting and unproductive morning as everyone wandered around, located the pop machine, restrooms and conference rooms. My “office” is actually a large room that I share with 2 other people. I don’t mind it at all, because we can shut the door on all of the noise that comes from the cube farm outside our door, but it’s still fun to be with a few people.

my corner of the room

Please disregard our bare walls 🙂

And now for the best part… the view from my desk! Don’t mind the dirty window, it’s in need of the window washers.

overlooking the river & Wacker Dr

pretty city

 It’s fun to watch the worker bees march in droves in the morning and afternoon, and the natural light is awesome! No complaints from this girl!



One Response to “Room With a View”

  1. MamaK March 29, 2011 at 3:02 pm #

    Very cool! Love the views – and having a window is such a treat 😉

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