Flirty for Cupcakes?

21 Mar

If you know me at all, you know that I have close to unconditional love for baked goods, especially the cupcake variety. So much in fact that a few years ago, my friend Kelly and I were cupcake models. Then the next year, same friend Kelly and I dressed ourselves in tin foil in an effort to win a year of cupcakes. And WON. So every month, we get a dozen baby cakes to enjoy (and bribe share with others). But in between deliveries, I need my fix.

Fast forward to this past Friday. My new coworker informs me that a cupcake truck by the name of Flirty Cupcakes will be in our ‘hood after lunch. So naturally, I block off 30 minutes on my calendar and set off on a mission. Now, I’ve never had Flirty Cupcakes before. I’m very partial to Foiled Cupcakes (provider of my monthly dose) and Sensational Bites (which we imported to Michigan for our wedding). But as I mentioned above, I love the cakes and am always looking for a new treat.

After about 15 minutes of standing around (freezing) and meeting other sugar junkies, the truck FINALLY arrived. Before she could even get set up, there was a line of about 25 people and counting. She’s got her routine pretty down-pat. Within 5 minutes of parking, she tweets her location and opens up shop: pops out the window & shelf as you can see below, puts up her menu board on the side of the truck and sets out her daily specials. It looks a little sketchy in the photo (a creepy van, under the train tracks) but it’s a legit operation (I think). Inside her truck, she has a refrigerator and a wall of shelves. And she even takes credit cards! (See that big bus parked in front of the van? That’s Willie Nelson’s tour bus. Surprisingly, he didn’t come out for a cupcake.)

Cute saying on the truck: "located at the corner of ooh and ahh"

So I bought 3 flavors: Bailey’s Irish Cream, Banana Chocolate chip with salty caramel frosting, and a butterscotch. First impression: they are tiny! If I’m going to pay $3.50 PER, they better be big and worth it.


Second impression: They weren’t big and worth it. They were dry and pretty flavorless. The ONLY redeeming part of all of them for me was the salty caramel frosting, and even that was just OK.

Verdict: I’ll probably pass if I see the van again.


One Response to “Flirty for Cupcakes?”

  1. Kelly March 21, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

    AHHH I wish I would have known you were going, and I could have filled you in on my experience, which was nearly identical to yours but with different flavors. I wonder how long it’ll last? And now I am officially craving next week’s Foiled Cupcakes. Can’t. Wait.

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