24 Feb

Living in the city and getting around predominately by foot, rainy days are a real drag – especially if they fall on a weekday. Walking to and from the train/office/anywhere in the rain sucks big. Because of this, most (female) Chicagoans own a pair of rain boots for such occasions. And while they are all rubber, they are not your mamma’s good ol galoshes. They now have crazy colors and patterns with buckles and heels and zippers and are made by everyone from Target to Ralph Lauren to Coach and every other name and no name.

My first pair of rain boots (may they rest in peace) after moving here were cute. Black and white, mid-calf, found on bargain for $25. I was on top of the world during the first rain that I had them – intentionally walking IN puddles I was so excited. They weren’t the highest quality, but how much would I really wear them, right? Wrong. They got used and abused for one solid season. And then they began to leak. But I persevered – I was planning a wedding, buying a car, moving into an over-priced apartment… I just couldn’t justify buying another pair. UNTIL NOW.

May I present to you my favorite new item for spring…

Hunter boots

Goodbye Uggs, hello wellies! Plus they are my favorite – navy! And they are understated compared to a lot of what’s walking around this city. They were a bit more of an investment than my $25 pair, but they come with a warranty and rave reviews from every single site I checked. And probably because Rachel Zoe and countless other A-listers wear them around LA (where it’s so rainy).

What’s even cuter than the boot itself is that Hunter makes fitted fleece socks in all different colors that fold over the top of the boot. Warmth + style = win. Now if only I could decide what color(s) to get…

Bring on the rain!


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